Root Overdenture

An overdenture is a type of removable denture that\\\’s used for people who still have a few remaining natural teeth. The overdenture is made to fit over the teeth roots left in the bone; it uses the teeth roots (with nerves removed by root canal) as an anchoring support for the denture.

Root-supported overdentures gain their retention and stability from the use of attachments. Attachments are simple connectors consisting of two or more parts Male and Female.

We use Zest Anchor Root Loactors attachments, the best in available attachment systems.

This consist of a Female part connects to the root and the other male part to the overdenture acrylic denture base. Attachments are either resilient or nonresilient (rigid).  Zest anchor system is a resilient attachment that has vertical, lateral, and hinging movements and 360 degree rotation at the attachment site. These movements allow the prosthesis to move up and down or vertically over the abutment as the patients chews, while the 360 degree rotation at the attachment site redirects or redistributes the load over the posterior mucosa and directs it way from the abutment. This action reduces the stress on the abutment tooth or implant.

Overdenture requires particularly careful assessment of vertical space. There must be sufficient room for roots, copings, and possible attachments, together with an adequate thickness of denture base material and artificial teeth, all this without jeopardizing the strength of the denture.

The role of dental auxiliaries in the maintenance of Overdenture is very important. Mostcandidates for full dentures or Overdenture may not be in a daily habit of brushing and oral cleansing. Overdenture attachments must be kept clean and free from plaque and food debris.. Daily brushing and placement of the overdenture in an antibacterial solution are most important. If tartar, calculus, or food debris builds on the surface of the attachments,the overdenture will not seat properly. In patients with root-supported Overdenture, it is recommended by many dentists that overdenture abutments should be brushed at least once a day with gel toothpaste to remove plaque and to stimulate gingival tissues.