One of most satisfying aspects of Restorative Dentistry is put a Smile back on patients face.
We at Dr Jayna are passionate about achieving perfection when it comes to fabrication and final Conditioning of Crown (Caps) before they are permanently cemented in the Mouth.

We take pride in having an In-House Porcelain Lab attached to the clinical facility.  We are amongst few dental clinics in India equipped with Porcelain Furnace for In-House custom-build crowns, , Vacuum mixer for mixing Dental Investment material and Digital burn out furnace and Digital  Induction Casting Machine for metal casting

Our Prosthodontist combine their Clinical skills and work in conjunction  with the In House Lab  to fabricate High-End Customized porcelain crowns for their clients. Our in-house laboratory allows timely, accurate and cost-effective testing that meets all quality requirements. Our quality analysts keep a check on quality of all the removable appliances; implant restorations as well as ceramic restorations.

The High Quality Crowns are finally Glazed chairside in Digitally programmed Porcelain Furnace to achieve custom characterize and  perfectly mimic the adjacent teeth colour and shades with individual characterization.

Importance of a Perfectly Glazed Crown is paramount. Glazing is the final ceramic layer which provides the smooth texture to the crown and maintains the shine. Not only that properly glazed crowns are easier to maintain clean but it helps in strengthening of crowns for longer function in the mouth. Most importantly perfectly Glazed crowns are kinder to opposing teeth and minimize  their Wear. 

Other Clinics have to depend on commercial labs for providing this facility to their patient.

By providing this In House facility at our clinic our approach is to save time and reduce the number of appointments  and provide Perfectly Customized  High End Porcelain Crowns for our clients for an Ultimate Smile That We Strive For…